Ginza Blade Show will be held!

銀座ブレードショー2015 2月

On Feb. 1th, 2015, Ginza blade show, which is Japan’s hottest custom knife show will be held in Ginza, Tokyo. If you come to this show, you will be able to find newest Jpanese custom knives and many new Japanese friends!

Scheduled shows


February 1, 2015 (Sun) 11:00~17:00

The location:


Lion classic hole. 7-9-20 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo Japan



Free of charge

Official Web:

Ginza blade show official web site

The photos of last year event

The photos of last year event can be accessed from here.
The article is in Japanese, but they are mainly photos so you will enjoy them.
銀座ブレードショー2014 2月レビュー1 | ナイフ小僧.com
銀座ブレードショー2014 2月レビュー2 | ナイフ小僧.com
銀座ブレードショー2014 2月レビュー3 | ナイフ小僧.com
銀座ブレードショー2014 2月レビュー4 | ナイフ小僧.com
Ginza, where the event takes place is world-famous, is accessible by public transportation, and the Shuttle bus operates from Narita airport to Ginza station. Also, it is only five minutes away from Tokyo by train. It is close to Tokyo, so even if you use taxi, the cost will not exceed 1000 yen.
After you are done with the knife show, you should enjoy Sushi, Tempura, and shopping experience perhaps, in this world famous Ginza city. Please come to our Ginza blade show. All of us will be eagerly waiting for you.


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